Coaching for an Ever-Changing World

Change happens. How do you respond?

We get older. Our circle of friends and our families shift over time. We redefine our career paths by choice or necessity. Relationships flourish, struggle, end, start anew. Today is not the exact same as yesterday and never could be. How you relate to life's changes guides your overall approach to life. Some people seem to recover quickly from disasters. Some fall apart. Some resist change as long as possible, while others create it and thrive.

Your response to change affects how you feel about yourself, your relationships with others, and your work.

How we create and respond to any change impacts our entire world. Having a healthy and happy life hinges on the balance between self, relationships, and what we do. If any part of that triad is weak, it impacts our overall quality of life.

The ability to bounce back from big changes depends on your level of resilience.

Just as our ability to recover from physical injury is dependent on the overall health of our body, our ability to bounce back from disruptive life changes depends on the "fitness" of our internal sense of balance and strength. This can be called "resilience." In much the same way that we work out at the gym, get massages, and are conscious about what we eat, we can improve our resilience by giving an equal amount of time and attention on what we need for that to be fit. The key to recovery from injury or disruptive change in the future is to get strengthen resilience now.

“My experience with Cianna’s genuine compassion and penetrating questions left me with powerful insights into my life that enabled me to identify what was most important and where I really wanted to put my energy. Cianna is a lifecoach for lifecoaches.”

— Blake B.
Boulder, CO

"Cianna is truly a gifted coach. She combines compassion, heart and kindness with a sharp analytical mind. It is truly the best of both worlds."

— Joel V.
Washington, DC

"Cianna is an inspiring guiding light in my life! She has this warm, nurturing presence and a wealth of incredible life experiences, both of which I think contribute to her ability to create a space for me to explore my issues without judgement or shame. When I am coached by Cianna, I feel truly seen, supported, and loved. She has played a pivotal role in my self-growth process, and I attribute many of the key changes in my perspectives, thought patterns, and behaviors to the conversations we have shared."

— Ali F.
Palo Alto, CA


Want to make a change
but unsure how or where to start?

Are you struggling to recover
from a major change?

Do you want to strengthen your resilience
to prepare for future change?

ChangePath Offerings:

  • 15-minute Consultation

  • 4 Week Focus
    Targeted once a week coaching for four weeks

  • Intensive
    Single 2-4 hour session to explore/reveal/discover new ways of relating to change

  • Workshops

Sessions can be on the phone or via Skype - so you can be anywhere and still get the support you need!


Cianna P. Stewart
Change & Resilience Coach
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