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About Cianna

Cianna P. Stewart is a change & resilience coach, workshop leader, entrepreneur, filmmaker, and writer.

She has worked with individuals, families, and organizations, on issues ranging from nonprofit strategic planning and community health concerns to personal questions of cultural identity and sexuality. Her work helping others started when she was 14 and spent two years as a peer counselor for runaway teens. As an adult, she worked on staff and as a freelancer in nonprofits and tech startups for over a decade. During this time she was involved in such changes as: mergers, name/identity changes, strategic re-direction, and the hiring and firing of numerous individuals.

To prepare for her calling as a Change and Resilience Coach, she completed the year-long Transformational Coaching and Leadership Training (TCLT), led by Guy Sengstock, Alexis Shepperd, and Rick Snyder. This was followed by a year of Advanced TCLT and Authentic Business, led by Mark Michael Lewis and Guy Sengstock. Cianna later supported and helped lead TCLT.

Cianna brings her personal experience with change to this work as well. While she was a child her family changed countries 2 times and lived in several cities. She learned to navigate through new schools and social groups in three different languages. She’s had to face the death of a parent, of several close friends, relatives, and a roommate. She suffered from a radical spinal injury that threatened to permanently end her participation in all the physical activities she loves. And she found her life path abruptly shifted when unexpectedly dumped by her romantic partner on the eve of making a major move.

When faced with devastating change, Cianna predictably sank into a deep emotional blackness for a while, but then was able to pull herself out and once again enjoy life fully. When friends remarked that her recoveries were surprisingly fast, she recognized that this skill was not universal. She became curious as to how it developed. That inquiry led her to recognize the elements of change and resilience, creating a foundation for what is now ChangePath.

“Cianna shared with me a beautiful truth about myself I had never seen, but had always been true. I felt a sense of self-love that will be with me for a long time. Also, Cianna brings such a depth of skill and love that I feel safe, held, and ready to explore the internal obstacles that are in the way of me experiencing happiness.”

— Jared R.
Salt Lake City, UT


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